Terms & Conditions


You agree to pay Danielle Joseph, trading as Sweet Agenda Cakes, the price as quoted and agreed.

Bookings & Deposits

To commence cake production Sweet Agenda Cakes requires a 50% Non-Refundable deposit of the total amount via Direct Bank Deposit or in CASH, based on the agreed quote and all art work and design approved by the client. Your order is not secured and confirmed until we have received your 50% non-refundable deposit.  If we do not receive your 50% deposit within 14 days of your quote, your quote will become void and you will not have a booking. You accept the quote and agree to the Full Terms & Conditions once Sweet Agenda Cakes has received your 50% deposit. 

Final Payments

The remaining 50% balance of the full total is to be paid via Direct Bank Deposit or in CASH a minimum of 7 days before the agreed cake collection date or delivery date. If we do not receive your final payment within 7 days of the agreed collection date, your order will NOT be created until we have received the payment. If your final payment is late, Sweet Agenda Cakes can not guarantee that your order will be ready by the pre-arranged collection date.   


Cancellations must be made IN WRITING via email at least 21 days before the Pick Up date in order to receive a refund on your 50% deposit. Verbal & Facebook conversations and Mobile SMS messages will not be accepted. If you cancel your order with less than 21 days till collection, your 50% deposit will NOT be refundable.
If Sweet Agenda Cakes is unable to provide you with your order before the final collection date, for whatever reason, a FULL REFUND of the 50% deposit paid will be provided back to the client.

Collection/Pick up Time

Clients MUST GIVE AT LEAST 7 DAYS NOTICE if they would like to CHANGE their COLLECTION DATE. Please consider this day carefully when making your booking. Sweet Agenda Cakes can not guarantee that your order will be ready at time of collection if you change your collection date with less than 7 days notice.
Your order can be collected on either the day of your event or the day before. Advise Sweet Agenda Cakes of which is your preferred day at the time of booking. On the day of collection, your order may be picked up at a pre-arranged time agreed by Sweet Agenda Cakes and the client. Collection is to be made by the client at the location provided by Sweet Agenda Cakes. Once the goods have been collected Sweet Agenda Cakes cannot be held responsible for any damages which occur.

Delivery/ Price on Application

Sweet Agenda Cakes will only consider delivering your order in the event of a Wedding*. Delivery will be considered at the discretion of Sweet Agenda Cakes during the quote process. Delivery and setting up your cake will incur additional costs which are made at the discretion of Sweet Agenda Cakes & will be added to your total order amount.

*Sweet Agenda Cakes is currently no longer taking on Wedding Orders.

Storing Conditions

The storing of your cake, cupcakes or cookies is outlined by Sweet Agenda Cakes as a guideline only. Information on appropriate storing conditions will be supplied to the client prior to their collection time. Sweet Agenda Cakes will NOT be held responsible for a client’s unsafe and inappropriate storing conditions once the goods have been handed over for collection. Sweet Agenda Cakes will not be held responsible for the serving of contaminated goods by clients who have subjected their cake, cupcakes and/or cookies to unfit storing conditions.


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate allergy-free requests such as dairy and gluten free requests. We are also unable to guarantee that our cakes, cupcakes and cookies do not have nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat and other food allergens present.  Whilst Sweet Agenda Cakes does not bake with nuts or nut products, no absolute nut free guarantees can be given, as some ingredients are not guaranteed nut free by manufacturers.

*Clients are advised to notify guests with allergies that Sweet Agenda Cakes DOES NOT SUPPLY ALLERGY-FREE PRODUCTS.


Non-edible Decorations

Clients will be provided with a list of NON-EDIBLE items attached to their cake box and it is their responsibility to advise guests of all non-edible items and REMOVE THEM before consumption. Many decorations contain wires, picks, ribbon and other non-edible products, which may also be a choking hazard. Any non-edible products will be disclosed to the client upon the collection of their goods. If your choice of design includes any non-edible products, Sweet Agenda Cakes is in no way liable for these in the serving and consumption of your cake, cupcakes or cookies.


Sweet Agenda Cakes reserves the right to fulfill design briefs within the aesthetic style of the business. While every effort will be made by Sweet Agenda Cakes to fulfill the expectations of the client, we reserve the right to make slight variations if necessary, this may affect the style of decoration, proportion or structure of the cake during the manufacturing process. Fondant figurines are made to the highest of standards, however they are very fragile and care must be taken when transporting and setting up your cake, cupcakes, or cookies.  Care instructions will be provided upon collection. However once the client has collected their goods, Sweet Agenda Cakes cannot accept any liability for breakages that occur.

Transporting your cake, cupcakes and/or cookies:

It is best to put a non-slip rubber mat under the cake board and on a flat surface, to prevent the cake moving around. If you don’t have a secure non-slip rubber mat, it is at your discretion to ask someone to assist you on your collection. If there are any damages to your goods during the transportation process, Sweet Agenda Cakes MAY assist you over the phone or via email with suggestions on what you could do to fix them. However, please note that Sweet Agenda Cakes is NOT OBLIGED to do so. The responsibility is on the client to take extra care whilst transporting their goods. 
Sweet Agenda Cakes is not responsible for the transportation of your cake, cupcakes, or cookies order and is not liable for any breakages once the cake has left its premises.  

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