About Danielle

Hello cake lovers!

My name is Danielle and with my obsession for all things stylish and sweet, I created Sweet Agenda Cakes! Starting out just as a humble home baker and a stay-at-home mum of two girls,  my passion for cake decorating exploded when I couldn't wait for their birthdays to come around so I would have an excuse to go crazy with my cupcake piping and sprinkles.

While I have always been a creative person and can't get enough of party styling and design, I thought what better way to utilise my artistic skills, drive for perfection and love of great party styling, than to start my professional cake decorating career. Over the years, I watched in awe as some of my friends and mothers from my kid's playgroup were all completing their own cake courses and successfully starting their businesses. I thought..."Why can't I do that!"

I always loved the idea of doing cake art but wasn't sure how to get past being considered just a cake hobbyist. So I thought I may as well be taught by the best cake art teachers in the country...where else but at the world renowned, Planet Cake! Even though I had dedicated 8 years to studying and practicing in the editing and publishing Industry, I eventually decided to take the plunge after I completed my cake training and start my very own business! 

Overall, I am still newbie to the cake decorating scene and will always consider myself to be a student of the craft...

NB: All my photos are copyrighted by Sweet Agenda Cakes/ Danielle Joseph and must not be used for commercial purposes without my permission! xx Thank You

 Photos are of Myself & my Daughters

Taken By Tiny Things Photography


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