Friday, 28 November 2014

Hawaiian Themed :: Dessert Table!

Its a Luau! 

It was so much fun coming up with the cupcake designs for this Hawaiian themed Luau Party. So fitting too, as its going to be a scorcher today in Sydney.  I can only imagine the 40th celebration will be amazing, with a ukulele performer and Hula dancer appearing to liven up the party! I mean, that's commitment to a theme! I hope you enjoy the photos of what I came up with. There is a variety of tropical fondant toppers on a mix of vanilla sponge and red velvet well as flamingo sugar cookies...& whats a Luau without a pineapple wearing Ray-Bans!

Monday, 24 November 2014

A special CAKE for St Lucy's School!

Thank you

Today I will be delivering a cake to a very special group of staff and teachers over at St Lucy's School. The parents will be hosting the annual Thank You Morning Tea for all the staff at the school as our gift to them for all their hard work over the year...and believe me it is very hard work! The school strives to bring out the best in every child, each with their own set of personal challenges to overcome. But overall providing them with a safe, inclusive & happy environment. I thought this cake would be a great donation that could be shared all week...& what better way than to have fondant figurine students (wearing their unique school uniform) holding up thank you signs!


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