Monday, 28 July 2014

Pink & Yellow Fairy Princess Party!

Fairies & Flowers

Over the weekend my youngest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday as a Fairy Princess! It was a fun filled party that I threw at home with 14 of her closest girl friends from school and it was a great success. As children arrived, they enjoyed creating Tooth Fairy boxes with an array of craft supplies, then we moved on to traditional games such as pass the parcel, musical bobs, & pin the horn on the unicorn. The party ended with all the children collecting their lollies and cookies from the lolly table. It included rainbow, butterfly, fairy princess dress and toadstool cookies...& of course the fairy cake!

Looking forward to styling more lolly tables in the future...

 The invitations I used were supplied by StyleswithCharm on Etsy. Click on link for more of their fabulous invitations. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wedding Guest Mini Cakes

::Mini Cakes::

Below are some 3 inch mini cakes I made for a recent stylised beach wedding shoot. It was a Shipwrecked themed think waves, rafts and broken wooden planks. I was very time-poor so I designed the mini cakes with a simple & rustic beach look with the previously mentioned elements in mind. I didn't muck around with colour, but instead left that to the main Wedding cake...a few golden accents on the petals would suffice. 

Fingers-crossed I will be able to show you the rest of the photo-shoot images in the following weeks.
Grain & Co provided the LOVE toppers and they look fantastic! You can find more of their toppers on their website:


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sweet Peppa Pig Cake

Pig in the Park

Another request for a Peppa Pig cake! I quite enjoy creating the kids cakes and Peppa Pig is always a popular choice with the little ladies. This birthday girl wanted a bit more pink compared to my last design, but still with a similar "picnic in the park" look...

The finished design actually had some more flower and grass detail around the base of the cake & a butterfly...But I wanted to take some shots of the cake with a simpler look to see what appealed to people's tastes. 

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