Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Marvel Heros & Birthday Favourites!

I have finally started my first Marvel Superheros portfolio of work!

This order of Marvel Hero cupcake toppers were for a client's husband who was celebrating his birthday in style with these cupcakes for dessert. My client choose her favourite hero designs and also wanted to add some photography cupcake toppers that reflected his passion for all things photography.


 Caption America

 Thor's Hammer


The Hulk

Birthday Boy's favourite Olympus Camera collection!

"Thank You" Paper Cranes Productions

thanking you...

I recently created this cupcake order for a client of mine who wanted to thank her wedding videography and photography team, over at the popular Paper Cranes Productions in Sydney.

I managed to recreate the Paper Cranes logo and added some 3D designs of a camera, lens and movie strip reel. Originally I needed to do a tripod. But due to its design I would have needed to incorporate wire into the in order for the entire order to remain edible I created a Canon lens to compliment the camera and movie reel.

New Chocolate Buttercream!

mmm, chocolate...

Sorry, that I have been away for sooo long. I will try and play catch up today and post up everything I have been working on lately....

One thing I was working on a few weeks ago was my new chocolate buttercream recipe. Its super delicious and is extra good with a chocolate cupcake sponge! While I have to keep my recipe hush hush, I have provided a few photos below of what I came up with when trying out my new recipe and my addition of a few fondant flower decorations for that extra touch.

 I like to make my buttercreams quite firm, 
so they hold well at room temperature and don't start to melt.
Waiting for my fondant flowers to dry...

 The end product!

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