Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mermaid 6" Birthday Cake

Under the Sea

Loved making my first mermaid cake for my daughter's party tomorrow. Even though we are celebrating at The Circus Factory, my daughter loves all things mermaids and so I thought I would try out a few different decorating techniques...I think I may have over-done the mermaid's make up though! Hehe.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sweet 11th Birthday Cupcakes

Pink & Sweet

Today is my daughter's 11th birthday...and I surprised her and her classmates with these Vanilla Buttercream Cupcakes for a little school celebration! My eldest daughter is a very girlie girl and so I thought I couldn't go wrong with a pink and gold palette. All she requested was that there must be a few butterflies and flowers and I also added her other passions, bags and shoes! (She has had that obsession since she was a baby!)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Black Tie 21st Birthday Bash

Prom Queen

A beautiful young lady celebrated her 21st birthday over the weekend and to celebrate in style she threw a Black Tie Party with a "Prom" theme. I was lucky enough to attend the event, as well as design Prom themed cupcakes and a small Black Tie cake, which would all be presented on a cupcake stand. I incorporated a blue palette into the design because that was the birthday girl's favourite colour.
It was such a fun night, but I lucked out on winning Prom Queen! The King and Queen were considered the best dressed of the night and for the lucky two who was well deserved.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Its CHANEL Darling!


Over the past week I was working on a special cake order for a 21st Birthday Party. My client, the dear sister of the birthday girl, wanted a 6 inch cake with a Chanel feel to it and needed it to include a black and white palette, "with a hint of lilac". We compromised over the initial design (as I am not the most talented royal icing piper yet) and I suggested the fondant folding effect. At first I thought of doing the folds in black fondant, but the client decided to go with all white and I must say it looks beautiful. I then coordinated white flowers and black buds to frame the lilac flowers for a stylish feel.
Unfortunately, our Sydney weather forecast has been heavy rain and high humidity all week and so my "21" topper was struggling to set as hard as it should! I prayed for it to harden, blasting it with the aircon and then I waited all day for that emergency phone call from the client ready to hear, "the 21 has melted!". Sure enough she sent me through a photo of the cake and cupcakes perfectly set up on her cupcake tower and it looked stunning. There was an arrangement of additional desserts on the lower tiers and it looked so delicious! So...even though I did notice a slight droop of the "2" in her photo, it still looked fantastic and I didn't have to pack my emergency cake tool kit afterall...;-)
Damn this weather! 

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