Friday, 28 February 2014

Super Mario Birthday Cake

Gimme Cake!

In addition to his cupcakes for school, Keith gets to enjoy a Super Mario cake with family and friends as well!
When his mum sent through the images of the Mario cake she wanted, I had a look at the Mario figurine and new I was going to have my work cut out for me! I Googled some more Mario cake designs for further inspiration and I continued to find the exact same Mario topper on nearly every cake...until I realised "that's not a fondant figurine, that's a plastic toy!"...Lucky for me (I thought), considering I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve such perfection! I explained this to my client and was fortunate enough to compromise on the design and I achieved the Mario figurine you see below.


Super Mario Bros Cupcakes!

Itsa Me, Mario!

This week I had fun creating these Super Mario Cupcake toppers. The delicious cupcakes are chocolate sponge, topped with blue butter cream icing and a fondant topper. With two daughters of my own, I didn't realise Super Mario was back and more popular than ever...So it was funny when my husband started quoting all these Mario sayings from the game (and the movie), yet I was making them for a 5 year old!
I think they turned out great and I hope Keith and his friends at preschool enjoy gobbling them down!

Friday, 21 February 2014

We're going on a Safari Hunt!

Purrfect Fun!

A sweet Happy Birthday to little Peter who is turning 2. I made his Safari themed cake during the week and came up with the design you see below. When Peter's Mum sent through her inspiration photos of 3 tiered Safari cakes, I had to create a design that would translate the themes she wanted...But onto a single tiered cake. To execute the theme, I chose to include all the main safari animals I could think of, which would still be able to fit onto a 6 inch cake, and  I tried to combine the two worlds of the African Safari and the Jungle Safari by creating a colour palette of various soft tones of greens and browns.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Safari in Progress

Lion & Monkey

Here is a look at what I have been on working on today...A lovely lion and cheeky monkey that will appear on a Safari birthday cake. Although I was planning to take this week off, 
I couldn't resist taking on a last minute order for a special boy turning 2. 
It has been fun creating these animal figurines...although they don't have their tales yet! 
Now off to do my giraffe and zebra... 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Carnival Themed 5th Birthday Cake!

Roll Up Roll Up!

I was so excited to do this Carnival themed birthday cake for Indeia's 5th birthday party! It is a great theme for a kids party and when I received the photo from my client of a popcorn box overflowing with popcorn and carnival sweets, I knew I would have fun designing my own version of the cake. Of course I kept the red and white colours for the striped popcorn box, but I also wanted to make it look sweet and still girlie, so I added a soft palette of pale pinks, hot pink and different shades of teal. Happy Birthday Indeia!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sweet Love

A few weeks ago I received a request to make my first Valentine's Day cake. The client is a long time friend of my husband's and he has always been very romantic at heart. John's only design request was that he wanted a figurine of his Mrs holding a Prada bag, which happened to be her all time favourite designer brand. In order to make the cake design more fitted with the Valentine's Day theme, I added a lovely bouquet of roses, a love letter from John and an array of Valentine's Day gifts.
I tried sooo hard to hand paint the Prada logo onto the bag, but it was sooo tiny that I had to settle for painting it onto the gift box instead. That too was difficult!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

i heart cookies

Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, 
these heart cookies are great to share with your loved ones or amongst friends.

Autobots Roll Out!


This is my Optimus Prime cake I made for a special birthday boy who turned 6. 
He had a great day and loved his cake! It was extremely hot in Sydney the week leading up to the event and so it was a challenge keeping the fondant from melting! 
My air-cons were at full blast!

Loving Australia Day

Koala Love

This is my Fondant Australian Koala wishing everyone a Happy Australia Day!

Light the BBQ!

Australia Day

Of course I am a proud Sydney-sider and we just celebrated Australia on January 26th. Australians  love spending the day celebrating the holiday with family and friends and lighting the BBQ, spending the day in the sun & appreciating all the great things Australia has to offer its citizens. While every country has its problems...we are still the luckiest people to live in Australia!

BTW...yes, we DO love eating Prawns & grill them on the barbie, 
but Australians DON'T call them shrimps!

France, Here I Come!

EiffelTower Cookies

 My best friend will be off in a few months to get married in France, so to get in the spirit of all things French I made these sweet Eiffel Tower cookies!

Zoom...Airplane theme Sugar Cookies

Plane Cookies

These Airplane cookies were specially made for a 4th birthday Pilot party. 
They were great additions to the party bags!

Decorated Sugar Cookies

 HighTea Cookies

These highly decorated High Tea Cookies were made for a Garden Tea Party. Each had its own unique design made with fondant and royal icing detail.

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